Reception Venue Ideas for Small Weddings

Small weddings can be wonderful. When looking for the right place to host an intimate wedding, you need a special space that will suit the size of your event. Check out these great reception venue ideas for small weddings.

A little wedding can be done in any style. If your taste is a lace dress and classic pearl bridal jewelry, you need a classic venue. A private dining room in a country club or other private club would be ideal. You will have the tasteful setting that is in line with your sense of style, but the space will be small enough to accommodate a tiny guest list. It is important that the room be small enough that it doesn’t feel empty, yet spacious enough that people can walk around and mingle. If you want to have dancing, find out if the private dining room can accommodate musicians.

For a chic reception with a smallish guest list, a wine bar would be fantastic. It is a very sophisticated setting, perfect for an evening reception. Host a late reception so that you do not have to serve a full meal. A nice selection of tapas, cheeses, fruits, and other small bites will be a wonderful accompaniment to the wine. Give wine charms as the wedding favors so people can slip them on their glasses and use them at the reception. A French croquemboche would be a stylish alternative to a traditional tiered wedding cake.

If you and your fiance are art lovers, a small gallery is a fun wedding venue idea. With the art providing the d├ęcor, you will only need to bring in minimal decorations. The groom can wear a dark suit, and the bride a fashion-forward wedding dress with unique bridal jewelry. Ideally, you can find a gallery that has experience hosting events, since it can be trickier to organize a party in a place that has never hosted one before. Be sure to ask questions about kitchen facilities and access to the space for set up so you do not encounter any glitches on your wedding day. And for the wedding cake design, how about one inspired by your favorite work of art?

Restaurants are a natural choice for small weddings. After all, they are used to feeding large numbers of people, and you can be sure that the food service will run smoothly. There is also no question about what the food will be like, since you can just go eat there before you book the space to make sure you like what they serve. Depending on the size of your guest list and the policies of the restaurant, you might opt for either a private dining room or you might rent the whole space. For a restaurant reception, it works very well to come up with a limited menu from which guests can order. It allows them some choice, but it also gives you control of the cost and the helps the restaurant coordinate all of the meals smoothly.

Finally, if your guest list is quite small (like under 30), you might just have the party in your own home. While planning a large tented home wedding is a massive and expensive undertaking, throwing what is essentially a very big dinner party can be quite manageable. You should still hire a caterer so you don’t have to spend your wedding day working in the kitchen, but beyond that the costs will be minimal. Play your favorite music on your iPod, get some nice bottles of wine, and bring in a pretty cake from your favorite bakery. It will be a lovely little party, and a terrific way to celebrate your new marriage.